CRESS = Consistent Regular English Spelling System

Wake-up Questions

  • What single factor can benefit every child starting school? Revise English spelling for Reading!
  • What single innovation can help both general society and disadvantaged groups? Fix English spelling!
  • How can reading scores for disadvantaged groups be boosted quickly? Simplify English spelling for Reading!
  • Do we care if up to 25% of the population is functionally illiterate? Re-engineer English spelling for Reading!
  • Do we care if senseless spelling problems disadvantage the disadvantaged? Engineer a steppng stone for Reading!
  • Do we care about a system that confuses itself at great economic, social, and psychological cost? Fix English spelling!
  • Is there barrier that lowers joy and productivity for a whole society, and minorities in particular? Make reading easy!
  • Is there massive waste in human potential from a system that contradicts itself? Revise English spelling for Reading!
  • When can new technology disrupt the teaching of nonsense to children?
  • What are the costs of being behind the times hundreds of years in sound spelling correspondence?
  • Has the cultural engine of phonetic orthography been in reverse gear?

A Huge and Costly Problem

  • Traditional English spelling makes no sense
  • It’s painfully complicated to learn
  • It creates disadvantages for individuals and groups
  • It hurts the disadvantaged
  • It damages educational self-esteem unnecessarily
  • It presents massive difficulties for second language learners
  • It ruins the concept of phonetic spelling, humankind’s greatest invention, surpassing the wheel
  • It teaches a phonetic idea based on massive phonetic confusion
  • It confuses sound-letter correspondences and is the enemy of phonics
  • It forces delays access to rewarding reading content
  • Reading programs are left to compensate dwelling on the superficial and remedial

A New Scientific and Engineering Innovation: CRESS

  • Consistent Regular English Spelling System
  • CRESS is carefully designed and Engineered to fix the problem
  • CRESS goes back to fundamental underlying basic science principles
  • A sound is a sound and a letter is a letter and always the twain shall meet
  • CRESS has been carefully engineered for essential requirements over 20 years
  • CRESS is the only fully worked out and effective solution to the English reading problem