Looking at it and jabbering about it seems complicated.  Why spell the word ‘judge’ as dz>a^dz>?  Why do that?

Because you already know how.  It’s 100% no exceptions straight up SOUNDING IT OUT! Nothing else to spelling… at last!

So it is NOT COMPLICATED OR HARD.  Go ahead and learn a little about CRESS  and you will quickly see you already know how to spell ‘judge’ in CRESS.  It just brings out what you already know. NOT COMPLICATED!

If you can say a word you can already do it: YOU JUST NEED THE SYMBOLS.  And all CRESs adds is three simple arrows: < ,> , and ^.  And you know these too because they are just tongue adjustments you use hundreds of times per day.

So, learning and doing it is EASY.

Because you already know all the sounds if you speak English.

The arrows look mysteriuous and puzzling at first but are the key to EXTREME SIMPLICITY.

And there is icing on the cake.  Once a person can read and write CRESS it’s possible to drop the arrows and use BARE CRESS.  There is enough information for easy reading and writing if these are dropped.  But they are important initially because they are key to phonemic awareness, which is just being aware of the sounds of  your language. Phonemic awareness if fun and easy and IMPORTANT anyway.  You are not merely an animal because you have language.  Don’t you think you should know what it is to have language? An important part is knowing how you use your anatomy to pronounce words,  Everyone should know.  Phonemic awareness is basic information and understanding everyone should have.  We are humans after all… it’s all about language.