• English spelling is crazy.
  • Civilization leapt ahead with phonetic spelling, then over time was sabotaged in English, de-optimizing and dysregulating itself to the point of absurdity.
  • Care about kids, minorities, late learners, and everybody, means fixing crazy English spelling.
  • Spelling needs one symbol for each sound, so why have hundreds/thousands of extra confusing spellings?
  • Sounds and spelling only make sense with one unified system.
  • You can’t spell if you don’t know the sounds
  • To learn spelling, should be to learn the sounds. And spelling should just be the sounds.
  • The answer: always one single symbol for each sound
  • The fix: CRESS =  Consistent Regular English Spelling System
  • CRESS spelling seeks perfection
    1. Simplest, fastest, easy to learn in a carefully designed system
    2. Simple Consistent Regular – Makes crazy un-crazy
    3. Maximum similarity for transition to traditional spelling
    4. CRESS is quick to learn, then supercharges learning traditional spelling
    5. You can read CRESS even if you don’t know CRESS, because it’s so similar
    6. Learning CRESS first is the fast, efficient way to traditional spelling
    7. Carefully designed for easy fast typing
    8. Fast, simplified form uses smart abbreviation = BARE CRESS (CRESKWIK)
  • Learning CRESS first makes the crazy way as easy as possible
  • CRESS offers a 2 step fix:
    1. Quickly learn CRESS: It removes crazy, is very simple, automatically teaches the sound system, is maximally similar to traditional spelling, has maximum regularity with no special rules, offers easy fast typing with no special symbols.
    2. CRESS as this first step then opens the easy door learning of traditional spelling
  • Long term goal: Use either CRESS or traditional spelling with software converters to convert back and forth automatically. Converters already exist.
  • Fast, streamlined spelling for advanced readers with arrows remove: BARE CRESS