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Thoughts for Reading Teachers and Administrators

A Fundamental Contrast

  • SSSS: Senseless Spelling Sabotaging Society: the existing system of traditional English spelling makes no sense
  • We see painful and costly cultural nonsense: traditional spelling is as hard to learn as anything that does not make sense
  • CRESS: Consistent Regular English Spelling System: a scientific and engineering innovation carefully designed to fix the problem
  • CRESS is carefully designed to be the only fully worked out and effective solution to the English reading problem
  • It provides massive benefits for foreign speakers learning to pronounce and write English
  • Traditional spelling violates the concept of phonetic spelling upon which much of civilization is based
  • There is cultural destruction in teaching a phonetic idea based on massive phonetic confusion
  • Teaching of sound letter correspondence is self-defeating by any system that confuses sound letter correspondences.
  • CRESS has been carefully engineered for essential requirements over 20 years
  • Previous reading systems are remedial and superficial embedding confusion while maintaining it
  • CRESS goes back to fundamental underlying basic science principles
  • A sound is a sound and a letter is a letter and always the twain shall meet

Goals and Philosophy:

  • Maximum simplification of reading education
  • Free students to learn things that are fun and make sense
  • Allow more joy for more students in the experience of school
  • Avoid the waste of minds on useless, senseless, irrational detail
  • Encourage important learning over mind-wasting nonsense
  • Make it easy to learn to read
  • Resolve the reading and writing education problem and dilemma

Thoughts for Teachers and Administrators (What They Already Know)

  • Don’t accept change too quickly, but think, try and test, develop your own opinions
  • Go gently … slowly … thoughtfully
  • Take small steps to gauge children’s feelings and needs without disrupting comfort
  • Keep traditional spelling too, but consider CRESS early
  • Use CRESS as the early reading step that reading makes sense to children
  • Do not launch experiments or programs for children without extreme caution, preparation and testing
  • Respect the freedom of parental choice
  • Convince rather than contradict
  • Don’t be a revolutionary: let truth emerge naturally without confrontation
  • Believe in yourself and decide for yourself independently

A Scientific Strategy for Rational Reading Success

  • Do not teach two things at once that confuse each other: English spelling confuses and impedes the phonemic awareness it is built on!
  • Establish phonemics first, simply and completely, with none of the confusion of English spelling. First things first.
  • Teach children carefully engineered simple phonemic reading and writing first, prior to standard spelling.
  • Use careful system design to bridge scientific truth and traditional spelling.
  • Design a phonemic system
  • Maximize similarity to English spelling
  • Take learners quickly to achievable mastery of traditional spelling
  • Clarify for students that traditional spelling is confused, not they themselves
  • Give children the intellectual Eureka and emotional high of seeing easily for themselves the confusions in standard spelling
  • Advantages of putting the phonemic spelling bridge in place first
    • greatly eases traditional spelling
    • shows children traditional spelling for the confusion it is
    • creates fast literacy
    • offers a functional fallback and alternative
    • promotes the liberty of choice by children, parents, educators and the larger culture
  • Provide tools to translate back and forth from CRESS to traditional English spelling
  • Watch change over time as young people, relieved of nonsense, adapt

The Ultimate Test

  • Don’t argue, just analyze and engineer carefully, then wait. Proper solutions will emerge.