So what’s with all those arrows that make CRESS look so different?  Just a little magic if you believe in phonemic awarness.  You’ve heard the expression: The economy, stupid.  CRESS introduces the idea: The tongue position stupid.

Example 1

  1. Make a nice long ssssssss, for several seconds.
  2. Do that again, but slide your tongue tip forward between your teeth.
  3. If you fronted the s sound enough, you got a th sound.
  4. CRESS marks a fronted sound with the fronting arrow: S<

Example 2

  1. Say the word ‘bit’ stretching out the vowel for several seconds: biiiiiiiiiit
  2. Do that again, while raising your tongue up toward the roof of the mouth.
  3. If you raised the tongue you got the vowel in the word ‘beet’.
  4. CRESS marks a raised sound with the up arrow: i^

By simply using the arrows:

  1. Many unneeded symbols go away
  2. Thousands of confusions go away
  3. No need to learn hundreds of special patterns
  4. All spelling becomes 100% regular
  5. Spelling teaches phonemic awareness automatically
  6. Young readers don’t waste years on confusing nonsense
  7. Teacher’s lives are greatly improved by teaching what makes sense.
  8. Those with disadvantages are accelerated into skilled early reading.
  9. Maximum similarity to standard spelling means those who don’t know CRESS can still read CRESS without learning it.
  10. Faster reading and typing for the proficient when arrows can be dropped and inferred from context.