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Consistent Regular English Simple Spelling: Saying the Alphabet

Recite the Alphabet

  • Solutions to reading challenges are only remedial
  • Senseless Spelling Sabotaging Society (SSSS)
  • They never went back to fundamentals and most basic science (CRESSS)
  • Traditional alphabet confusing
  • Phonetic principle is confused
  • Vowels don’t have the vowel: e alone not pronounced ee, u alone not pronounced you, Etc. Etc.
  • Consonants don’t have the consonant: get vs gee, h = aych w =double u, y=why, Etc. Etc.
  • Consonants confused by different vowels Confusing vowel before/after distracting: b= bee p=pea, but f=eff m= em s=ess

Consistent Regular Simple Spelling Alphabet

  • basic vowels: a e i o u: ah, eh, ih, o..r, oo
  • mnemonic: a e i o u … not wet if door hooked
  • basic consonants: b d f g h k l m n p r s t v w y z
    • ba da fa ga ha ka la ma na pa ra sa ta va wa ya za
    • mnemonic: big dog found good happy laps many nap places ready take very warm yawner zzzzz
  • basic whole alphabet: a b d e f g h i k l m n o p r s t u v w y z
    • a (b) d (e) f g h (i) k l m n (o) p r s t (u) v w y z
    • vowels and consonants
    • use vowel on consonant until come to next vowel
  • a ba da
  • e fe ge he
  • i ki li mi ni
  • o(r) po(re) ro(ar) so(ar) to(re)
  • u vu wu yu zu
  • The expanded alphabet with neighbors has more detail
  • a a< a^ b d d< e e^ f g h I i i^ k l m n n> o o^ p r s s< t t< u u^ v w y z z<
  • But this hides the simplicity of the basic system
  • 22 basic sound symbols become 33 including neighbors
  • The simpler basic system is the primary basis for learning CRESS
  • The expanded system comes naturally from beginning to use CRESS
  • Therefore the basic alphabet is the primary alphabet for learners
  • These are the basics needed to begin learning
  • The expanded alphabet will come naturally
  • It is best understood if vowels and consonants are separated in groups
    • a a< a^ e e^ i i^ o o^ u u^
    • b d d< f g h I k l m n n> p r s s< t t< v w y z z<
    • This again brings out the simplicity of the CRESS system